Entry Visa ('X' Visa) Entry Visa ('X' Visa)

Entry Visa ('X' Visa)

Entry Visa (`X’ Visa)

The Entry Visas are normally issued to person of Indian origin who does not possess OCI cards, foreign national married to Indian nationals, for those who own property in India.


  1. (i) Hard copy of application form after uploading on the Indian visa website.
  2. (ii) Two recent passport size photographs.
  3. (iii) Passport (New and old) with photocopy including all pages with entries/visa granted with photocopy.
  4. (iv) Copy of Shenasnameh.
  5. (v) Marriage certificate with Indian national for establishing the link.
  6. (vi) Passport copy of Indian national for verification.
  7. (vii) If stay in India is extended, also copy of extension.

Note: Person proceeding on Entry Visa (`X’ Visa) would not undertake studies/employment/business during his/her stay in India.